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Ranking of The Apes : The Great Grape Ape

Before we peel back the skin of this grape, let’s sit back and watch the intro to The Great Grape Ape Show.

Pure Facts

Grape Ape is a 40-foot purple gorilla.

Grape Ape got his start as as a segment of the Top & Jerry/Grape Ape Show in 1975 and received his own half hour show in 1977 entitled The Great Grape Ape Show.

Grape Ape is part of the Hanna-Babera Universe

Grape Ape is often times paired up with Beegle Beagle.

Grape Ape’s catch phrase is “Grape Ape, Grape Ape”

Ranking of the Ape


With Grape Ape being over 40 feet high, it will be hard to argue the many advantages that would provide him with dealing with various situations that come his way.   One might think that with being over 40 feet high, people would not like him but that is never the case.  Yes time and time again when people first notice him, they run away scared but after a short time, they begin to realize that the Great Grape Ape is simply an oversize teddy bear and means no harm.

Grape Ape’s best friend is a Beegle Beagle and rides on top of Beegle’s car to move around from one adventure to the next.  One of the Grape Ape many talents is his ability to fix cars for many times he is able to jump start Beegle Beagle’s car by reviving it up as if it is a friction motor toy car.   If you are curious what a friction motor toy car is and how it works, Check out this video

Grape Ape’s voice is extremely deep and low, here at Absorbing Pixels we always enjoy a good deep low voice.  Wouldn’t mind  hearing Grape Ape belting out a tone  from time to time.  Here is a taste of what we are talking about, Grape Ape sings 


Let’s discuss the giant ape in the room, Grape Ape while large in body size behaves like a child.  While this makes him innocent, it also gets him and the people around him into situations that could be avoided.  For example Grape Ape often times gets homesick and when he cries, his tears are so large it would cause flooding.   His sneezes are as powerful as a Stage 1 hurricane; Simply put he is unaware how to control his body and emotions.

Grape Ape also doesn’t talk much and has a small vocabulary,  this is probably due to his young age.  If you ask Grape Ape a question, his response will simply be “Grape Ape, Grape Ape“.


After inputting all the above info into the Absorbing Pixels Rank-an-Ape-a-meter,  It has determined as of right now The Great Grape Ape is the #1 Ape on the list.

A number of points were awarded  due to the fact that Grape Ape is purple and over 40 feet high and the show’s intro song is amazingly catchy.

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