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Pokemon Direct 6.6.2017

I welcome any news about the beloved Pokemon franchise.   I appreciated the fact that Nintendo and Pokemon never make an attempt to hide the fact their games is rooted in Japanese culture and that is evident in collage of Japan locations.

Now about the games

Pokken Tournament DX – a Wii U port of the same game with additional Pokemon to play.
Launches on Sept 22, 2017.  I only played the demo version of the Wii U game and looking forward to see how this fighting game does on the Switch

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon –  I am sort of confused about this game.  It sounds like it is not quite a sequel but not quite a full game.  I will be curious of the price point and who the target audience is for.
Launches in Nov, 2017

Now the biggest news, at least for this retro gamer.  Nintendo is re-releasing the Game Boy Color pokemon generation games  Pokemon Silver/Gold on the Nintendo 3DS.  This is pretty cool for generation 1 & 2 of the games you are unable to transfer pokemon to any future game. With the Pokemon Bank app on the Nintendo 3ds.  We can now do that, which will help my epic goal of having at least 1 of every pokemon in my pokemon bank.


What are your thoughts?

Tetris Ultimate
Tetris Ultimate

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