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Manchester By the Sea

Noticed this in my Amazon recently added list.  I like Casey Affleck and I wanted to see this flick.

This movie is one of those that go back and forth in time with no real clear indication.   This type of story telling for me is a hit or miss for me.   Sometimes it can be jarring and hard to follow but this movie is not that, It is more of a hit then a miss.

This movie is pretty darn emotional, and you feel for Casey regarding events that occurred.  Without going into details but there is clearly a point in the movie which the audience ‘now understands’, Understands why the character played by Casey is the way he is, behaves the way he is.  It changes the tone and sucked me in.

Anyways I also wanted to see it because I have family that lives in the Boston area  and Manchester area so I enjoyed the scenes and it makes me miss my family a little bit more.

I am not sure how much longer this will stay free for Amazon Prime members but if you Casey Affleck and general story centered around family, you will like this film.

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