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Dirty Grandpa

Decided to watch this due to it being free on Amazon Prime and one of those movies where I can watch it in the background as I work on stuff.  I am the type in which I need something going on in the background while I work. Movies such as this is great for that because if I miss a scene at worse I miss a joke or two for the story-line isn’t the main draw.

This was an alright comedy, Not really my thing.  I can tell it wasn’t going to be great due to nobody really quotes from it.   Movies such as “The Hangover”  is often quotable and was just as “dirty”.

The only thing I found funny was Robert De Niro. But not because of his lines but because of the actor himself.   I can imagine he was having fun in this movie and treated it as not really ‘work’ and didn’t take it seriously.

Anyways I give this movie 3 virgra pills out of 10

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