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Power Rangers: Wild Force, Season 1, Episode 4-9

Pulled a late night working on stuff and decided to continue my journey  and goal of watching all the power rangers.   I started Wild Force a couple weeks ago and tonight progressed deeper.

I am really enjoying the zords in these season.   They are more ‘life’ like and the effects are a step up.  The only thing I don’t like, and I know it is petty but I don’t care for how the zords morph and join together, they seem to all of the sudden add parts to it instead of transforming the bodies.

Also the episode I watched in this sit down, it appears as if each ranger has multiple zords assigned to them.   It is a neat idea and I like how they are able to swap out a different zord depending on the enemy they are fighting.

The new zords that they ‘awakened’  is Soul Bird, Wolf, Twin Bears (my fav) , Giraffe,Elephant, and Gorilla Zord.

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