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Star Trek Discovery: Season 1: Episode 1-2

First off a little about myself and Star Trek.  I am one of those mutant geeks who I like Star Trek AND Star Wars.

In 2015, I embarked on a bold mission of watching EVERY single Star Trek TV episode,  yes that includes the cartoon series.  So  after thousands and thousands of hours of absorbing Star Trek pixels I have developed a good sense of what I like and don’t like in my Star Trek.  While I am not a expert in all things Trek, I am an expert in all  my feelings about Trek.

Sad to say this new series contains more of the things I don’t like in my Star Trek.   I like my Star Trek to pile on the sense of  exploration and less of action and fighting.   My favorite Star Trek episodes are the ones where you are hard pressed to find a phasor pointed at something let alone set to kill.

I like my Star Trek when it forces the viewer to apply some episode’s message  onto their own life.   Star Trek for me is at it’s best when it threads the needle of applying our current social struggles with the future and a sense of sci fi. Star Trek writers always seem to have a pulse of what current society is dealing with and Trek became our sandbox  and twisted, poked at those feelings.


Now as far as the time period,  reading the production notes.  It takes place about 100 years after the Federation is formed and 10 years before Captain Kirk became a Captain.   So I am looking forward to the episodes which they reference Captain Pike and his Enterprise, for I always wanted to see how Pike was as Captain, but hope they are measured and don’t over do it.

The bright spot about this series is it appears they will focus on the Klingons and looking forward for them to explore their backstory a little bit and fill in some of the canon plot holes and tie up  loose ends between the various series.  It does make me wonder if they were better served going the often rumored  Star Trek series that centered around Next Generation’s Worf captaining his own ship.


Good Grief I hate lens flares.   It was annoying in the recent movies and it is annoying now.   Just get rid of them.

Also I generally dislike the current trend of having the camera so zoomed into the character speaking.  I like Star Trek when I can see the entire bridge and all the activity that is taking place.  There was a very good officer on the bridge that appeared to have a computerized helmet and I  feel I didn’t get to enjoy him as much as I wanted because he was always just out of shot.    If I had one wish for the camera crew I would simply ask to zoom out just a little bit.
In Star Trek the ship is always one of the characters.  It is ok to have one camera dedicated to just showing the the entire bridge.   I don’t get a good sense of ordination of the officers and scope of size of people related to each other.


Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that Star Trek is back on TV where it belongs but so far this series isn’t pushing on my Trek buttons.   I will continue to watch it and see how it evolves, but my gut is I will be doing while I long for a new Deep Space Nine episode instead.

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