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Ok I will just say it.  I am not really feeling this Star Trek Series.  It feels to me like a sci-fi space drama with Star Trek branding.

Weekly released series need to be Serialized episodes

I generally don’t like  TV series in which each episode ends with a cliffhanger.   In this day in age it is just too demanding of the viewer to keep up with each week.  Because this series is on a streaming channel there is no need for a weekly release in which each episode is not a complete story but rather a page of a chapter.

If you are going to distribute a TV series via streaming service make the  series more serialized (each episode a complete story)  and release them weekly OR release the whole season at one time and allow the viewer to view the story at their own pace.   I feel CBS is trying to have it both ways.  They are applying  old tradition model of broadcast distribution for new modern trend of TV consumption.

Now about this series in general

Episode 3 made me question why this series is a prequel to the original series.   It might be better served if  it took place after Voyager  because it is clear the set designer really really wants to establish a new look to Star Trek,  The Klingons look different,  Tech is different,  Attitude is different.   Having it a prequel they have  pinned themselves down to make sure everything that takes place matches Star Trek canon.    They clearly didn’t learn the lessons from the Star Wars prequels.

I will continue to watch this series and hope that they turn the ship around (pun totally intended)  but in general for me to enjoy it I think I have to start viewing as an Star Trek like series instead of an actual Star Trek series.

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