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Star Trek Discovery : Season 1: Episode 4

Here at Absorbing Pixels.  We don’t review things in the traditional sense, we reflect on what we absorb. As such we generally don’t discuss plot points or story but primary focus on the characters and overall feelings.

Spoiler Threat Level :  Low

Episode 4 reminded me of one of the aspects of what I love about Star Trek.  Strange and unusual creatures.  In Star Trek series I seem to gravitate towards the crew members that are not human.  I find them more interesting. Mostly because their entire being is completely made up. Someone or a team of people literally have to create every aspect not just about the individual character but the entire species.   My favorite episodes of any Star Trek series is almost usually tied to this.  In the Next Generation any episodes that explored Worf and his Klingon heritage I loved.   My favorite Deep Space Nine episodes were those that explored Odo and aspects of Changlings.

I stated all that because with this new series,Discovery, I am discovering (pun intended) all the scenes in which Saru,sorry I mean Lieutenant Saru, is in involved in are by far my most enjoyable scenes.  I find myself craving to know more about him and his species.  I have hope that over time this series will chip away at this and revive more aspects about him and his species.

I enjoyed this episode primary because they gave us a little nugget about the Saru species, Kelpien anatomy.  They explained their “threat ganglia”  that is found at the back of their head.  It is a  pretty cool concept and I am willing to bet Saru’s “threat ganglia”  will be referenced quite a bit and used in interesting ways.

I am also still puzzled about why this series is taking place as a prequel but after discussing the series with a friend I have learned to not focus so much about this and to just go with it.  In a general sense I am considering this series as an offshoot until they start to actually tie things together.   For me as a viewer Star Trek Discovery is a fun little series that explores what would Kirk’s Star Trek generation be like if the technology was more advanced and I am ok with that.

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