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“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own”
– Bruce Lee

Absorbing Pixels an experiment born out of my curiosity. It is an attempt to record, document, and reflex everything I watch;  to help understand  what  I watch today affects the choices I make tomorrow.

What impact does certain video games have on me and my personal life’s adventure?  Does a particular movie change how I view others going forward?

Please Note:  EVERYTHING written on this site is my opinion, it shall never be viewed as fact.  I welcome civil discourse regarding anything I write and I will respect your opinions as long as you respect mine.  I understand there might be things on this site you might passionately disagree with and things that you agree with.   I like to believe we can conduct ourselves in a mature matter that helps both of us understand and respect each other view points

Areas of the Site

Absorb Log

The Absorb Log is the main area of the site.  I will log a brief summary  of my thoughts after a video game session, movie I watched, or TV show I just binged on.   The Absorb Log will help me memorialize my emotions and thoughts.


The feature section is  a more in depth reflection pertaining to a particular area or subject matter.   An attempt to take a deep dive and explore my curiosity.  The current features I am exploring are

Absorb Goals

The goals are designed to be “epic”, designed to NOT to be completed in one sitting but to help provide guidance on what content I should watch next.  The list is ever growing.