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Absorb Goals


What good is a blog without establishing goals and checking in every once in awhile on the status of our goals.

Absorb Goals are what we are calling ‘Mega To-dos’, they are long term desires of what pixels we want to absorb, goals that can not be completed in one single night of binge watching but requires multiple nights of dedication.

Goal In Process

  • Absorb all Rocky Films
  • Absorb all Godzilla Japan Films
  • Absorb all Oscar ‘Best Picture’ winners
  • Absorb all Daniel Day Lewis films
  • Absorb all Bowling video games in release order
  • Absorb all Power Rangers Series
  • Absorb all Baseball video games in release order
  • Absorb all Pac-Man games
  • Obtain all Pokemon in my Pokemon Bank

Goal Completed

  • Absorb all Planet of the Apes Movies and TV shows
  • Absorb all Star Wars Films
  • Absorb all MySims Wii Games
  • Absorb all Star Trek TV Series