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Evolution of Baseball Video Games


One of favorite things to do in life is  to take a deep dive into a subject matter that few have bothered to explore and learn new things about it.  I enjoy absorbing pixels of the latest and greatest games and often times find myself taking a  step back and reflect how we got here.  I also love baseball thus this web series titled “Evolution of Baseball Video Games” was born.

Together we will absorb pixels of the earliest known baseball games, play at least one complete game of baseball, compare aspects of the video game to the  physical game  and include detailed information regarding what each game brought to the table and learn just how the Baseball genre evolved from Atari to Playstation 4.

Games highlighted in this series will be from my own  personal game collection.  I will attempt to go through them in a chronological order according to their release date.
I will also attempt to play then on their original platform using the original controllers the game was designed for. If I am unable to get the system or the game working then I will use PC emulation or another platform emulation like the Intellivision Lives! game for the gamecube.

Evolution List

I first attempted this series over at Giant Bomb user blogs five years ago  and have decided to import them over here unedited.  I am toying with going back and recording more video footage of additional play through, something I didn’t have before

  1. Videocart 12 – Baseball for the Fairchild VES system