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Ranking the Apes


I now present to the citizens of the world, the definitive ranked list of all the fictional apes mankind has created.

Over time we will take an in-depth look at a particular ape, use an incredible high amount of critical thinking pertaining to each ape’s strengths and weaknesses and apply math and triple checked algorithms to determine where it ranks among all other apes. At the end of the day we can rest easy and end  the debate which ape is king.

As with any creditable list found on the internet, the list has rules.  Here is a list of those rules that an ape must meet to be worthy of being ranked.


  • Ape must be fictional, inspired by a non-fictional ape is accepted.
  • Ape must have a significant amount of screen time and included in the plot of the story.
  • Ape must be an Ape.  No Monkey business
  • Ape must not kill Ape

The Official Ranking of the Apes

#1  The Great Grape Ape